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“Marmarilo” (“Marble”) LTD, founded in 2002, is the one of the stone processing companies in Georgia. The activity of the company is to import and sell the natural stones. The main practice of the firm is the processing and installation of the following stones: marble, granite, basalt, travertine and diabase. The firm also makes stone revetment of fireplaces, stairs, floors, columns.

Marble is a creature that was created by our mother nature, the most demanding architect and this is a reason of the popularity of marble in all epoch from the early years. All the things made from marble have their individuality because of image and texture donated from the nature. The stone is durable and permanent, it has unique exploitative features, and thus it creates a long and impressive beauty.  

Our main goal is to meet the constantly increasing demand for natural facing materials and provide our customers with high quality products. 

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